Perth: Featuring “The Australian Sensation” Craven

His consistency is what brought Australia’s top wrestling talent to the winning side. “Australian Sensation” Craven has been unfailing throughout his career in the past eleven years. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Craven has brought his wrestling squad not just locally, but also in the USA and Mexico.


Having won in championships like The Grand Slam Club and AAW Championships clearly proves that the Australian Sensation is limitless.

Craven 2

Since his pro debut in 2006, the flight of his career has been unstoppable.

With various successes on his international tours, Craven has truly wrestled his way into the international wrestling arena. His sportsmanship and deference for the accomplishments of his opponents is what makes “The Sensation” a fan favorite. Hardworking and passionate in his chosen field, he is truly a wrestler to watch-out out for.


Check out more about Craven on Social Media:


Instagram: @tas_craven


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